Shortly after I decided to take responsibility of my illness and in the midst of my chemotherapy process, I made the firm compromise to establish our Foundation for the benefit of many out there who could be saved from suffering a colon cancer by practicing prevention not only with proper screening tests practiced on time, but also encouraging a positive, healthy life style filled with love and gratitude.  But this decision was made partly out of the realization that whatever I did, I had to do it out of my need to express my creativity, not only my knowledge and experiences as a cancer patient. The need to share information and promote prevention, had to go hand in hand with projects and activities that would help me connect with my creative side as well as with my passions in life.  And this was going to be part of my healing process. I had no doubt.  This was the right way to do this. And this is the holistic approach on healing that I also promote as prevention for any malignancy you could encounter in your life, such as cancer.


So, after much reflection I decided that art in all of its expressions, fitness and spirituality were my passions at this stage of my life.  Being a Costume Designer of profession, an active triathlete for a while before my illness, and pretty much and simply a good soul, with love and compassion for all living creatures as my daily values to go by each day, I needed to find a way to integrate these dogmas on ways and activities to help my Foundation accomplish its mission of prevention.  


Ignacio Echenique, MD

Collaborator, Mentor

Board member American Cancer Society,  Puerto Rico Chapter
Past Chairman Coalition on Cancer Committee,

American College of Surgeons
Associate Professor of Surgery University of Puerto Rico

Julia Michelle 


Survivor, Costume Designer, Triathlete, Spinning Instructor, AFAA Certified Group Instructor.

Sylvia E. Santiago

Vice President, Administrative Manager

Custodian, Architect, Professor, Optical Sales Representative

Marcos del Valle

Board of Directors

Founder, President and

Sales Manager

'El Adoquin Times'

Yesenia Vélez

Secretary, Producer

Advertising Producer,

Cake Decorator and

Pastry Maker
Avid Traveler

Karen Uphoff


Film Industry Location Manager,
Animal Rights Advocate and Rescuer, Pet SOS Foundation Volunteer, partner in "La Teta que Cobija" Animal Shelter

The Team