Silent Art Auction "El Amor como fuerza Sanadora y Transmutadora"

The Silent Art Auction EL AMOR COMO FUERZA SANADORA Y TRANSMUTADORA (LOVE AS A HEALING AND TRANSMUTABLE FORCE), where I approached a group of artist and asked them to create an art piece inspired in the title of the auction. Art has been adopted in many treatment centers as forms of therapy for cancer patients. Art is an expression of the soul. Art and love can work together as a healing force. Our deepest gratitude to DAVID ZAYAS, IVONNE MARIA MARCIAL, IVELISSE BRIGNONI, GLORIMAR LABRADOR, CARLOS RUBIN, MIGUEL TRELLES, TONITA HAMBLETON, GAMALIER HERRERA, DAGNES CALDERON, ANTONIO MARTORELL, GIOVANNI RODRIGUEZ, JAIME FOURNIER, JOSE JORGE ROMAN, JOSE ROA, for sharing your passion.

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